Where are you located?

You can find me at Salon de Amici located at 201 Cahaba Park Circle, Birmingham, AL 35242.  Please call or email me to schedule an appointment.

How long does a Ouidad Cut & Rake and Shake take?

Please plan to be here at least 1.5-2  hours on your first visit. This visit includes the consultation where we will determine what type of curl you have, as well as training you on how to do the Rake and Shake yourself at home!

What makes Ouidad special?

Ouidad offers the only trademarked cutting technique for curls. The Carving & Slicing® technique, is specific for curly and wavy hair and can help you get the most beautifully natural curls possible.


What is a "Rake and Shake"?

A Rake and Shake is a technique for evenly distributing the Ouidad product through your hair. Sara will help you determine which product is best for your hair type during your cut and style session with her. She will also teach you how to do the Rake and Shake on your own hair so that you can get the salon look at home!

Divide damp hair into sections. Spread a nickel-size dollop through each section, with fingers separated like a rake. To ensure even distribution, begin at the nape of the neck, raking fingers through under-sections. When finished, hold the ends of hair in each section and shake to create curls. Let hair air-dry or blow-dry with a diffuser.