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When you live in the South and you have naturally curly hair, there's one word that can make you cringe and send you running for the flat iron: HUMIDITY. For years, maybe you have fought the good fight, only to frizz in defeat as soon as you step outside. I am a curly specialist and I am here to help!

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Here's an idea for you - quit fighting it, and embrace your curls. It's time to stop suppressing your hair's natural tendency to curl, and give it the best cut and products to help it look natural and beautiful!

Sara Mills, Birmingham, Alabama's only Ouidad Certified Stylist, is an expert at Carving & Slicing®, a curl-specific cutting technique trademarked specifically for curly hair. The technique is based on strategically cutting hair at the curvature of the curl pattern to create sculpted, defined curls that “fit together” like puzzle pieces. The proprietary method of cutting helps eliminate unwanted bulk that can obscure the curl pattern, so that well-formed curls can shine through.

Sara completed rigorous and detailed expert training at the Ouidad Flagship Salon in New York City to earn the right to practice the technique.

Allow her to give you the benefit of a haircut that is specifically for your hair type and leaves you with healthier, more manageable hair, along with a new level of curl confidence.